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I was 36 yrs old and had my 4th child a baby boy named Logan. A couple days after having him I started to have a really bad headache as this being my 4th pregnancy I knew headache came along with post partum so I just ignored it and went about my normal schedule everyday of being a mom of 3 and a wife. I just thought oh it's a bad migraine it will pass that was Sunday September 3 2017. Then Sept 10th came and I put my 2 youngest my 7 day old son and my 6 yr old daughter in the car to drop their older brother Chris off at football practice..i told him I'd b right back I was going to grab a coffee at dunks.. So I drove away..

On the way to dunks I started seeing stars and driving over the curb. With 2 young kids in back seat I knew I should pull over. So I did and I noticed in my rearview I had Facebook my daughter was crying. I told her it's ok.. Everything is going to be ok.. I'm crying as I type this.. I called 911 and said I think I'm having a stroke. Ems tracked my phone and showed up to the passenger side of the car I asked if I was going to be ok. They said we don't know. They asked if I could get out and walk I said absolutely not they put me on a stretcher next thing I remember is waking up at Tufts medical Center in Boston where I was in ICU for 5 wks.

My right bone flap was removed from my skull and also a emergency craniotomy.. I had to learn to swallow again then was sent to Spaulding rehab where I learned to sit up on my own and walk with a cane and an AFO. My left side is paralyzed I learned how to dress 1 handed its been my worst nightmare.. . My bone flap is now replaced by a titanium plate I was in rehab 2 months and when I got home my husband filed for divorce. He said he had 4 kids and didn't need 5. I wish I had just died.

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