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April 8, 2019 at the Lifetime Gym a Cardiac arrest took me by surprise, shortly after I finished a group training session on the treadmill. Then my teammate, who is a pediatrician. gave me CPR with the help of a defibrillator followed by an EMS team who brought me back.... the good news, I am ALIVE.

From the hospital I was able to bounce to my bed at Spaulding rehab and even walk up and down some stairs. After 2.5 days I had another surprise. One morning one of the nurses found me confused , and I was taken to MGH (Massachusetts General Hospital). Slowly I realized that I had a right side Ischemic stroke...The Good news was the same, I am still alive with no need for life threatening brain surgery.

Back at Spaulding rehab I learned to walk like a newborn, but with the help of tools I never knew existed like a quad cane, vector, Bioness, this time I had a different person in the role of “rehab-mommy “my firstPT, Greare. Who took all my weight on her shoulders OMG ...The good news is she is alive and I can walk. The fact that I have 3 kids helped me remember and be motivated to learn how to walk with the 3-point pattern while reciting their names.

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