Michael S's Story

In early 2018 I began to get sick. It started off with minor nausea and discomfort. At the time i weighed 375 lbs. It progressed within months to nausea, vomiting, discomfort, and difficult bowel movements. In 2 months i lost 60 pounds and kept getting sicker. I developed two hernias around this time.

I went to Mercy Hospital in Joplin Missouri and they did all kinds of tests including a liver biopsy. By this time i was spending months at a time in the hospital. The results of the biopsy was liver cirrhosis. They couldn't find out why i had it.  As my liver got worse my kidneys began to fail and i developed ascites. I started having to do dialysis and I had to get a paracentesis twice a week and often they would drain 14 liters of fluid from my abdomen. My legs began retaining fluid and i could barely walk. The last straw was when my hernia behind my belly button popped and the fluid came out. They rushed me to a hospital to get the hernia repaired.  It took several months to heal. I was down to about 200 lbs. 

In 2019 i was so bad i had given up on life and thought i was going to die and one day out of the blue my brother in law and my sister called and said come to Phoenix and stay with us and we'll take care of you and help you get your transplants at the Mayo Clinic. So they took care of me, took me to dialysis, and took me to the Mayo Clinic. On August 11, 2019 we got the call that i was getting a transplant. Coincidentally it was my sister's birthday. Late that night they started my liver and kidney transplant and the next morning after an 8 hour surgery it was done.  Today, i am thankful to be alive and healthy and have very little problems next week i get my other hernia repaired and I'll be like a new person.

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