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Suffering a Haemorrhagic stroke at 43, was little surprise due to the destructive path I only knew to take. It snuffed my light, but, thankfully, it wasn’t my time to go home. I had one enormous journey ahead.

After one month in ICU, I was transferred to a rehabilitation hospital (The hospital I entered the world in). The blessings had begun almost immediately, the hospital was overlooking the beach on the lower Eastern coast of Australia. The staff were always so kind , scoring my own room for what turned into a 5 month stay of reactivating my entire left side. I’m quite sure it was the state of shock that helped keep my emotions at bay because not having control over your emotions was and still is by far, the toughest to overcome.

I will never stop trying to be the very best version I can possibly be. This entire journey has made me who I am today, who I’ve always meant to be. Always be grateful and kind Peace ✌

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