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Updated: May 7, 2020

Last year on a normal check up for my bicuspid aortic valve I was sent for an MRI because of new onset hypertension. I knew it was bad when the Dr doing the MRI immediately brought me to the screen and said- look I have never seen this before! I was sent to Mayo Clinic Rochester to meet with an expert on aortic surgeries- once I got there I was finally given a diagnosis- mid- aortic descending aneurysm, left subclavian aneurysm and right aberrant subclavian artery.

2 months later my family and I flew from our home in Florida to Rochester where I had 2 surgeries performed over Thanksgiving break- the first through my neck to move my right subclavian artery and the next day a second, a thoracotomy through my back to replace most of my aortic arch and about 4 inches of my left subclavian artery....I was on bypass for 31/2 hours and deep hypothermia arrest for 40 mins... at 41 I never expected to be going through this.

My dad had open heart bypass 3 years ago- he didn’t make it off the table... so this was extremely scary. I cannot say enough about the wonderful surgeons at Mayo Clinic and the caring nursing staff! I am astounded that I flew into Rochester on Thursday night, surgery on Monday and Tuesday and home by the following Thursday! I spent a total of 8 days in the hospital. Today- nearly 6 months later I am 98% back to my normal self! I am so grateful for everything!

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