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Updated: May 7, 2020

I was told in early 2014 my heart was so good I was never likely to have heart problems. Then in May 2015 I had a severe heart attack from the Takutsubo Syndrome, The Broken Heart Syndrome, which went undiagnosed for 2 months in England. I flew back to Australia and was immediately put into hospital and found to have many things wrong, from the heart attack and the neglect afterward as no one would believe me there.

I've got lots of heart damage but I live my life as much as I can and am a writer, activist and studying. I spend my life on these things, as my ticker isn't so very good and it's hard doing anything very physical. But at least I'm alive which they said if I had stayed in England I would have had nothing but days or maybe a week or two left at a push. That was in 2015. I get frustrated by it at times but I've learnt largely to live with it. It's a very complicated story about it all and it's all in a book I'm writing about returning to England to live, which I did in early 2014 having to rush back in mid 2015. I'm not far off finishing, just finding the time to settle into it more. I'm not far off from completing it and then I can get on with more.

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