Helena V's Story

No one was more surprised then me when I learned that I had early stages of aortic stenosis about 5 years ago and was told then it would only get worse. On March 4th of this year 2020 I had open heart surgery aortic valve stenosis repair with a bovine valve.

My story is relatively short because I just wanted to say that don't judge yourself too harshly. Prior to the discovery of my aortic stenosis I had lived in extremely healthy life no smoking no drinking no late nights no drugs.... Just good food lots of fruit and vegetables fresh air good mental attitude and I still got it. What I'm trying to say is it's really a genetic thing and sometimes no matter what you do you're going to get it. Thank goodness the doctors can do these operations and buy us the extra time in this life.

#aorticstenosis #OHS #openheartsurgery #aorticvalvestenosisrepair #genetic

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