Gaven's Story

Updated: May 21, 2020

Gaven Smith born May 2013 w/ TOF, MAPCA'S, Pulmonary Arteriosus, Right and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy. He has developed Pulmonary Atrial Hypertension. Had 4 Open Heart Surgeries and 12 heart cath procedures. At 3 yrs old Gaven was diagnosed w/ Autism. It devastated us knowing all he has and will have to go through.

He will under go his 13th heart cath this summer in Omaha childrens hospital. That is where all but his 1st open heat surgery has been done. We had no idea he was even sick until he was born. He was then swept away to Minneapolis Minnesota with his dad on life flight. I followed 2 days later where he had his 1st open heart at 3 days old. We spent all Summer in that hospital. Returning home to the Black Hills of S.D. in late August.

He has since gone through 3 more open heart surgeries. Not to mention the g-button he came home with after his 1st OHS. That came out 3 weeks after being home. The boy likes to chew his food. He has also had his tonsils and adnoids removed. We have spent lots of time in and out of hospitals and he always stays strong and keeps a smile on his face even when it hurts. I love him he is my one and only a true gift from God.

If you would like to follow Gaven he has a page we have kept since he was born on FB its @GavensCHD

thank you

Gaven's mom, Mary

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