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I'm writing on behalf of my grandpa Melvin Inerfeld who suffered from a stroke last year. He was taking blood thinners on a regular basis, but stopped taking them when he had to have surgery.

My grandpa is one of the strongest people I know, he's survived cancer, getting hit by a car, multiple falls, and now this. That being said, his life was greatly affected by the stroke (more than any other event previously listed) in that he has difficulty with transfers, decreased motivation, and difficulty taking care of himself which puts a lot of stress on my grandma and other family members.

I work with him on a regular basis to encourage strength and endurance training that he can tolerate, and notice a huge improvement when he exercises consistently. I'm beyond grateful to still have him in my life and I'm dedicated to do whatever it takes to make sure that he can live happily as long as possible.

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