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Updated: May 7, 2020

I was 38 and was home, sitting on my couch on Martin Luther King day 2 years ago. Felt a weird numbing sensation on my right side. No other symptoms. So I thought maybe I pinched a nerve. After about an hour or so I realized something just wasn’t right. But the numbness made it so I wasn’t sure that I could walk. So I called an ambulance. Got to the hospital and was put in the waiting room for an hour!

They didn’t think I had a stroke either! Finally got back to the Dr and they did a CT scan and told me I’d had a stroke. I was stunned! Turns out it was due to a PFO in my heart. I was very fortunate and regained most of the sensation and was able to still use my right side. Just took awhile to be able to use it “normally”. I had my PFO closed about 15 months ago. And I’ve not had any other issues since! I was in grad school when it happened and i just graduated this semester with my 2nd masters in social work!

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